Aditya Kushwaha Lead Android Engineer Product Developer - Mobile & Web
Looking to build the next big thing!

Former Lead Android Developer at Zomato -
4 years, ~70 releases to Google Play Store, 7 Android apps & Google Top Developer Badge.

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Zomato Android App v9

This version saw a major shift in how we handled our network and data. The underlying layers - network, transport and data were revisited for the first time since 2012, benchmarked against the industry standards and overhauled.

Zomato Android App v9 feature image

Zomato Android App v8

Our super fast development cycles and the convoluted nature of our product gave rise to the ideology of development kits. We thought of the entire product as a complex organism and then broke things down to atoms and molecules - and thus multiple development kits were born - we had an UI Kit, Network Kit, Online Ordering Kit, Image Handling kit…you get the idea.

Zomato Android App v8 feature image

Zomato Android App v7

In the biggest ever move for us, we acquired UrbanSpoon! Our combined userbase grew four times and the number of cities of operation went from 250 to 10,000! With time, we transitioned our users, scaled our systems and evolved to play with loads of data.

Zomato Android App v7 feature image

Zomato Android App v6

After winning the markets in India and the UAE, we started expanding to more geographies. This led to an acquisition of the market leaders in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and New Zealand. We welcomed the challenge of introducing Zomato’s rich array of features with localized content while maintaining the familiarity of the old products - all this with one single apk file!

Zomato Android App v6 feature image

Zomato Android App v5

Users started to create lots of content on Zomato - reviews, photos and ratings. We used this surge of information created by the people to be used in beautiful endless scrolls of food feed to be used by other users. In true crowd-sourced fashion, we created a food guide that went beyond ratings and menus. It captured the moods of the commoners as well as the connoisseurs.

Zomato Android App v5 feature image

Zomato Android App v3

We stepped up our efforts to make Zomato an immersive experience for users of both kind - consumers & creators. Our then five member mobile team won the “App of the year” award by NDTV, beating the likes of WhatsApp, TrueCaller and PayTm.

Zomato Android App v3 feature image

Zomato Android App v2

Introducing the Social Food Network - Zomato’s existing app could only search and list restaurants around your location. We took it to the next level by introducing users, the ability to review and rate restaurants, follow other foodies and comment on their activity. This new social level transformed Zomato from a listings product to a Foodie Network!

Zomato Android App v2 feature image