After winning the markets in India and the UAE, we started expanding to more geographies. This led to an acquisition of the market leaders in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and New Zealand. We welcomed the challenge of introducing Zomato’s rich array of features with localized content while maintaining the familiarity of the old products - all this with one single apk file!

Major changes in this version also included the following-
  • Shift in Android Development Paradigm - After running into the 65k method reference limit, moving from Eclipse to Android Studio, switching to a MultiDex application, getting rid of Google Play Services binary to be replaced by individual jars, obfuscating the code-base using Proguard - we ended up changing a lot of the code-base during this time.
  • Product Overhaul & New Geographies - Consolidation of regional leaders in new geographies meant that we had to evolve the product to ease the newly acquired users into our product. We integrated Text Menus, Daily Menus in our product. The new acquisitions included;
    • Obedovat in Slovakia
    • Gastronauci In Poland
    • Cibando in Italy
    • MenuMania in New Zealand
  • Launched two new verticals of business
    • Online Ordering - As displayed in the screen-shots at the bottom of this page, users could now place orders from their apps; we streamlined and automated a lot of this process of food take-outs and pickups.
    • Cashless Transactions - This feature let the users to automate their payments through the Zomato app every time they went out to dine.
  • Searching for restaurants in Map view - Google Maps v2 APIs allowed us to plot restaurants on the map. Users could draw custom polygons on the map overlay and the restaurants in the area enclosed would be displayed.
  • Android Wear Support - Keeping up with the latest trends, we integrated Zomato notifications with Android Wear.

Here are some screens from this version-

Home page differs according to the Locale and Location of the user

Screens demonstrating Online Ordering flow (Image 1 of 2)

Screens demonstrating Online Ordering flow (Image 2 of 2)