We stepped up our efforts to make Zomato an immersive experience for users of both kind - consumers & creators. Our then five member mobile team won the “App of the year” award by NDTV, beating the likes of WhatsApp, TrueCaller and PayTm.

Major changes in this version included the following-
  • First-use User Experience - With the increased number of features in the app, we made use of On-boarding screens and first runs to simplify UX.
  • User uploaded images - Using Android’s Camera API and NDK’s power, we made our very own in-app image uploading process, image filters and gallery views. We wrote our own thread for displaying the images in a gallery view inside the app keeping the limitations of Async threads in check.
  • New Home Page - In a very significant change from the previous version, we split our single home page into a new page with four different tabs.

Here are some screens from this version-

On-boarding screens

Screens showing the photo upload flow.

New Splash screen and the Home page