Introducing the Social Food Network - Zomato’s existing app could only search and list restaurants around your location. We took it to the next level by introducing users, the ability to review and rate restaurants, follow other foodies and comment on their activity. This new social level transformed Zomato from a listings product to a Foodie Network!

Major changes in this version included the following-
  • Building the app from scratch - The entire app was written from scratch to include the concept of registering users, interaction of users with other users and restaurants. Search listings now included the recommendations of the user’s network making it very relevant. Some of the things being done for the first time in this version included-
    • User Page with their network of foodies and lists of favorite restaurants.
    • Restaurant Page with Photos, Menus and detailed information.
    • Search listings with recommendations from one’s network
    • City wise Leader-boards for Users and Restaurants.
    • Ability to create content - Writing reviews, rating restaurants and uploading pictures.
  • Integration with other social networks - For any decent network effect to take place we integrated with Facebook, Google, Instagram and Twitter to help users quickly log in and find their foodie friends n Zomato.

Here are some screens from this version-

Home Page

Search page & Restaurant page

User could review and rate restaurants

User & Restaurant Leader-boards

Login screen